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Whether you are looking for support to develop and deliver your communications or change strategy, or for ad hoc services such as content creation, video production, or event production, we can help.



When your people understand the reasons for change and what it means for them, when they are engaged, and when they have the knowledge to adopt change, change is achieved more easily. We can help you to develop the ownership required for the smooth delivery of business change and ensure that it is fully embedded. We can develop a compelling narrative that will bring your rationale for change to life, support your change leaders to amplify your change message, and enable your workforce to fully engage with the change your business needs for success. We can also support you to maintain the confidence of your external stakeholders as your change plan is implemented.


The probability of project objectives being achieved or exceeded is multiplied by a factor of six when change is managed effectively.  A structured and systematic approached to change which employs tested tools supported by proven strategies will dramatically reduce waste, and help you to quickly maximise the return on your investment in new processes, technologies, and people. Our change practitioners are both APMG and Prosci certificated and belong to a world-wide network of change professionals. Through this network they draw on the latest insight gained during the delivery of change in public, private, and third sector organisations from across the globe.  This ongoing stream of learning, together with tools and techniques that are being continually developed and refined, can be brought to support you to prepare for change, implement change, and reinforce change in your organisation.


We have extensive experience of working with the public sector, including local and central government. The insight that this provides positions us perfectly to support you to build and manage your relationships with politicians, civil servants, trade associations and regulatory bodies. We can help you to get your voice heard on policy issues that either affect your business or your community. We can develop advocacy for products, service, or ideas, promote organisational voice and capture the insight of stakeholders to improve services and products or bring weight to your argument.


Issues are a fact of life and can spiral out of control quickly if they are not managed effectively. We can help you prepare for and manage issues both on a local and national stage. Managing an issue is no longer purely a matter of dealing with the media. To mitigate negative effect on reputation, reduce the potential cost to your business and maintain public confidence, a coordinated, multiple channel approach is required. If you have an area of risk that you would like to discuss or if you need support while in the spotlight of a difficult situation we are here to help.


If your need short-term cover for sick leave, maternity leave, or while you recruit, or if you need a specialist to support a specific area within your communications or change function during a period of particular pressure, we can fill the gap with a professional interim who will deliver results.


Whether you are looking for a little extra help or you need us to deal with every important detail of your conference design and delivery, start to finish, we can help to ensure that everything goes to plan and your delegate’s have a memorable experience, which enhances your organisation’s reputation. From a small round table event at a discrete location to your annual conference or trade event at a major venue, online or face to face, we can put the right package together for you including venue booking, invitation management, sponsorship packages, speaker engagement and briefing, lighting, audio visual, event team management, print and other collateral, delegate reception, publicity, security, and post conference evaluation.

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Some of the organisations we've worked with...
Cabinet Office
Newham Hospital
Crown Commercial
Queen Eliz Hosp
Dept of Health & Social Care
Foreign & Commonwealth Development
Government Finance Function
Southwest St Georges
Government Shared Services
Central London Comm Care

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We develop and deliver strategies that secure support for corporate and policy objectives, maintain confidence during periods of significant change, and promote reputation. We work with both small businesses, and with large organisations that have multi-professional workforces and operate in complex stakeholder landscapes. We provide support in situations that attract significant media, public and political interest. Whether you are looking for a complete communications or business change solution, or for ad hoc services such as content creation, campaign planning, video production, or event production, we can help.

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